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Rick Blackburn

Richard Blackburn


James Allen Pauley-Barker

James A. Pauley-Barker

Vice President

Connie Carter

Connie Carter


Michelle Colgrove

Michelle Colegrove


Crystal Salyer

Crystal Salyers


Welcome to the Lawrence County Fair and Rodeo!

For the past thirteen years, the Lawrence County Fair and Rodeo has been a celebration of the unique qualities of life in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

This annual event in Louisa, KY, is a fantastic opportunity for the youth to showcase their 4-H and FFA projects and animals. Adults also get to display their prized vegetables, craft projects, heirloom quilts, and award-winning photographs.

About the Lawrence County Fair

  • Non-Profit and Volunteer-Based: The Lawrence County Fair is a non-profit organization run entirely by dedicated volunteers.

  • Community Focused: All funds raised are used to benefit the fair, providing premiums and trophies to the youth of Lawrence County for their livestock and 4-H projects. We also aim to offer unique, fun, and safe family-oriented entertainment for all ages.

  • Local Business Support: The fair relies on the generous support of local businesses through advertising and sponsorships.

How Local Businesses Can Support

  1. Advertising: Purchase an ad in the official Lawrence County Fair book.

  2. Event Sponsorship: Choose from several levels of sponsorship to support the fair.

To explore sponsorship opportunities, please follow the link provided.

Our Journey

Over the past decade, the Lawrence County Fair has faced many challenges and celebrated numerous successes. These achievements would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our local business sponsors. We deeply appreciate any form of support as we continue to enrich the lives and boost the self-esteem of Lawrence County's youth.

Experience the Fair

Our team is committed to providing an unforgettable, family-friendly experience. From the moment you step foot in the fairgrounds, you'll be immersed in the charming culture of Lawrence County.

Contact Us

For more information or any questions, please feel free to:

2023-2024 Elected Board Members

  • Melissa Blackburn

  • Gregory Stambaugh

  • Stephanie Stambaugh

  • Haden Stambaugh

  • Chuck Jackson

  • Lillie Vinson

  • Michelle Brewer

  • Jimmy Brewer

  • Rita Jane Pauley-Barker

  • Jennifer Moore

  • Wes Colegrove

  • Tyler Blackburn

  • Chris Hughes

  • Bobby Hughes

  • Caleb Fletcher

  • Racheal Carter

  • Shelby Taylor

  • Michael Adams

  • Mary Adams

  • Michael (Mouse) Halcomb

Thank you for your support!

Sincerely, Lawrence County Fair Board
(606) 371-6446



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