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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Lawrence County KY Fair Board is dedicated to organizing and hosting an extraordinarily successful
fair that encompasses the values of agriculture, community development, and outstanding 
entertainment. We are committed to fostering responsible use of our facilities while continually seeking 
opportunities to meet the educational and entertainment needs of our community. Through the 
Lawrence County KY Fair, we provide a platform for residents of our community, as well as those from 
surrounding regions, to highlight their natural talents, hard work, and achievements. The fair serves as a 
celebration of the unique characteristics of living in Lawrence County and its neighboring areas. We take 
great pride in offering a range of events and opportunities that empower our community's youth, 
allowing them to shine through organizations such as 4-H and FFA. As stewards of the fairgrounds 
facilities, our primary goal is to ensure responsible management for both public and private events, 
resulting in economic growth and tourist development within Lawrence County. The fair board, along 
with our dedicated staff and numerous volunteers, warmly welcomes and invites everyone to 
participate in the diverse array of activities that the fair has to offer.

Lawrence County KY Fair Board

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