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Lawrence County Kentucky Fair Mutton Bustin Rules:
1. All kid's weight limits must not exceed 50 lbs and must meet all of the Lawrence County Fair Board requirements below.
2. Must be one of the first 30 kids to sign up on Friday, July 28th, 2023 @6:00PM on preliminary show day. Pre-rounds start at the Horse Show Intermission.
3. Top ten names will be announced at the start of the event for each night of the rodeo.
4. Upon notification of participants chosen to ride, parents are to come to the information office, pay an entry fee, sign permission forms, and sign a rule sheet.
5. Parents must accompany the child during the signing and during the actual event.
6. Parents of participants must read, sign, and comply with all rules.
7. Participants must be in the designated area prior to the Mutton Bustin event to be eligible to participate.
8. Participants not in the arena at the start of the event will forfeit their right to participate. No entry fee will be refunded.
9. No one will be allowed in the arena after the event starts.
10. The judge's scores are final.
11. No substitutions for riders.
12. Participants are required to wear Helmets during the event.
13. Only one parent in an arena with the participant during the event.
New Location: 545 Pine Hill Rd, Louisa, KY 41230

Enter Your Children By Printing & Signing Our Release Forms: 

Click on Entry and Release Form to Print Off to Sign. Unable to Print, Send Us An Email With Your Home Address & We'll Mail You Both Forms to Your Home Address. 

Learn How Your Child Can Be The Next Mutton Rider...

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